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It can be overwhelming deciding what to do or which company to choose when you’re thinking about setting up a website for your business.

Many companies don’t show their rates and many of the ones that do, can seem expensive. You may even think that it might be better just to try and build your website yourself.

This is why maker is such a good choice for this first (big) step. We’ve gone through all of these pitfalls ourselves – made a myriad of good (and not so good) websites, tested many platforms and plugins and come out with a winning formula that can deliver a website you dream of.

One that functions how you hoped it would and looks better than what you imagined.



maker is transparent about our pricing. We know how long it takes us to do things and have scaled the different types of packages to factor in time and effort. And you know, up front, what you’re getting and how much things cost.

Most importantly, we don’t skimp on quality, security or performance. We make websites that are beautiful but still functional and secure.

You can trust us with your project – just ask any one of our previous clients who are all happy with their website, our pricing and customer service.

maker is a multi-disciplinary design studio with over 20 years experience based in the Western Cape, South Africa focusing on website, digital, design and other creative work.



Maker is the website division and creative studio of Salamander Publishing.

I have found Salamander Publishing to be a professional company with which to work. They are ethical, efficient and reliable. The exposure they offer is invaluable and an important element to any business. Highly recommended!
Richard von Geusau
Von Geusau Chocolates
I love working with you and I can't say that about many people.
Jen Kahn
Jen Kahn Clothing
We Love working with Nicole and her team. They make running your own website super easy, and their ongoing tech support is incredible! Investing in a proper website with Salamander was the best thing we ever did.
Bronwyn Mulrooney
EarthSpirit Healing
Nicole thank you for your professionalism and patience. I am sure I will get a lot of business from this beautiful authentic website creation.
Helga Coetzer
Helga's Sanctuary
Thanks so much for all your hard work and exceeding my expectations!
Jolande Holder
Blue Crane Home Care
Nicole is a solution finder and has found all the ways to turn my dream into a reality and ease my start-up business anxiety. She is honestly the most positive thing about this business.
Stephanie de Abreu
JEMM Wellness
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